Blues Baker 02: The Next Chapter In Blues Baker Soccer

Blues02 Team Photo

Blues Baker 02 will officially start their season in the month of June. The preparation that goes into the first tournament of any brand new team is not only meticulous but a combination of many things. Team building is the first step to creating strong bonds between players. The girls will have a weekend retreat and many team bonding experiences before they set foot on the field in their first competition. Once strong bonds are formed, players have confidence in each other to work hard in training and games for one another, not just for themselves.

Team training must be very intense to replicate what they will face when playing against older teams so the coaching staff must have a regiment in place that not only challenges the players but excites them. Showing up to practice with anticipation is key for anyone who plays for Blues 02 so it is extremely important that the coaches bring that out of them with certain details in training. This group of girls is very talented so they are able to be pushed to different levels each day in their sessions. Finally bringing it all together in friendlies and scrimmages to make sure the players are executing what they have trained for is the last test to make sure they are fully prepared for competition.  

As of now it will be easy for Blues Baker 02 to be compared to Blues Baker 01 but make no mistake that this squad is their own beast and they have an agenda that is all their own. Girls come to work hard and have a charismatic way of going about their business that is much different to most teams. There is an attitude that is much different than the other teams, it is a mindset that seems fun and excited much more than the norm. The expectations are going to be just as high for Blues 02 as they were for Blues 01, however, there will be a different way they go about their business there is no doubting that. You can see the excitement in the Blues 02 camp and they cannot wait to get the season started. Their confidence is evident and their intensity is growing each and every day. Good luck to these exceptional athletes in 2013……